Cyprus Investment Programme

Cyprus Investment Programme

The Cyprus investment programme is considered as being the undisputed leader among the world investment citizenship programmes.

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Global citizenship

In our insecure ever-changing world acquiring an alternative citizenship can become a particularly wise decision as well as an investment for the future. In the era of globalization, the citizenship investment programmes offered by some countries can provide an excellent opportunity to become a “citizen of the world”. Dual or multiple citizenship is an effective means of tax planning and ensures financial confidentiality for banking and investment operations.

Personal security, access to insurance, medical, educational and other services, freedom to live, work and become a tax resident in various countries, and the availability of all these benefits for future generations also play an important role.

Passports of each particular country give their holders different opportunities and different privileges that must be carefully considered when choosing a programme.

In most cases, the investment component in such programmes is present only nominally, with the investor’s main purpose being obtaining the citizenship. However, with a competent and balanced approach participation in an investment programme can become a part of the investment strategy, in which investments and their financial performance are primary, and obtaining citizenship is an additional “bonus” to investments.

Advantages of the Cyprus (EU) Investment Programme

Any person who holds a passport of any EU country is considered a European Union citizen. EU passport holders have the right to enter, reside, study and work in EU countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

Citizenship Criteria

Citizenship Criteria

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